Michaella + Matt's Wedding Day

Matt + Michaella's wedding day was absolutely gorgeous and so unique. It was a bright, sunny day, and I was so excited to get the chance to shoot at Chapters on the Horizon. Plus, it's always fun shooting for people who have experience with photography, and these two actually shoot weddings as well. So I knew every detail would be picture perfect! I started out the day at the cabin where Michaella was getting ready, surrounded by family and friends. Once everyone was ready, we headed to a bridge on the property for individual and bridesmaid portraits. The bouquets that Michaella arranged herself were SO beautiful! Then I headed to the venue where Matt and his groomsmen were getting dressed.

It was time for the ceremony to begin! Matt walked down the aisle with his mother, and you could just feel the happiness exuding from their smiles! Michaella walked down with her two daughters, and it was such a lovely moment. I think everyone teared up during the ceremony when Matt + Michaella shared their promises to each of the other's children. It was so special! After the ceremony, we did the family photos under a tree nearby. Then we got started on couple portraits. This venue has so much to offer, it was hard to stop! We finished up with the wedding party portraits, and soon enough it was time for dinner to start.

I'm pretty sure these two can do it all, because Michaella also baked and decorated the cake. It was beautiful! The plan was to head out for sunset photos after the cake cutting, but of course at that very moment it started to rain! It cleared up quickly, though, and we managed to get a top notch sunset. Matt + Michaella took the boat out onto the lake, and I was in heaven! We headed back inside eventually for dancing, and a surprise. Matt, the groomsmen, and the kids prepared a choregraphed dance for Michaella, It was soooo fun! Her reactions were priceless. We finished up the night with so much dancing.

Matt + Michaella's wedding day was one for the books! I had so much fun capturing every detail, and I could tell they put their hearts into every aspect of it. I am so happy for them, and I am so glad they chose me!