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Sara Baillies, of Sara Baillies Photography, smiling in a field

Hello, I'm Sara, the photographer.

I’m a wedding + portrait photographer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. I have always had a love for photographing people, and it's so exciting that I get to be part of so many precious moments from engagements to weddings to family milestones. I love every moment of my job and creating something special that you can cherish forever. 

Ever since my very first wedding in 2016, I immediately fell in love and haven’t looked back. I absolutely adore everything about weddings, but especially being surrounded by love and happiness day in and day out. Weddings are such unique, fun, and collaborative events. Weddings are truly the most special day of your life, and after it’s all said and done, you’ll have the photographs forever. That's why you can count on me to be there, start to finish, capturing it all.

As a photographer, my job is to not just document your day or any given moment, but to tell your love story. So no matter what your story is, you deserve to have it captured in a timeless way!



When you book me, I’m there to support you every step of the way. Whether it’s planning a fun experience for your engagement session that’s unique to your love story, or assisting with a day-of photo plan for your wedding day to best suit your needs, I am happy to help. I offer suggestions if you need them, and enthusiastically support any of your ideas and preferences. I’m always an advocate for you as a couple, and what you want. 

My mission is to capture you + your loved ones in the best light. I want you to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Getting photographed is not something people tend to do very often, especially for extended periods of time. It can be nerve-wracking! During sessions, I offer guidance on posing and prompts that help you to forget you’re in front of a camera. I promise, none of the people you see in my portfolio are models! 

On a wedding day, I step back and let the moments unfold with minimal interruption and distraction wherever possible. I carefully capture all events, candid moments, and stunning details of your day. During portrait time, I work efficiently while gathering and guiding people as needed. And on the dancefloor, I always join in on the dancing! 

After that, I carefully back up, curate, and edit the photos, delivering images that are true to life, vivid, and timeless. I offer a sneak preview of galleries, because I know how exciting it is to get to see the first glimpse at the best moments of your life and share them with family + friends. The rest comes shortly after!


I am a big advocate for inclusivity and diversity. All couples and families are welcome at Sara Baillies Photography.

Sara directing a wedding party on how to pose
Sara photographing a bride
Sara holding a camera

Photo 1+3 taken by Erik Weiss Photography.

Photo 2 taken by Cara Ann Photography.

Sara and her partner at a Badger Football Game
Sara's partner, Sara, and her dog, Phoebe posing for a formal portrait

^ Photo by Cara Ann Photography.


Since childhood I have been an art creator and a photo taker. I used to fill up my dresser drawers with drawings and computer hard-drives with photos of flowers and frogs. By the time I was in high school, I got my hands on a DSLR camera and was always convincing my friends to "model". That's when I started the first part of my business, taking senior portraits.

I spent time in college as a school picture day + sports photographer, and doing various freelance photography jobs. While at University of Wisconsin – Madison, I studied the perfect major for me: Communication Arts. I learned the art of telling stories, so naturally I found my niche as an artist telling love stories.

I still live in the Madison area, and I absolutely love this city. I have always been drawn to its people, food, markets, music, and bike paths. As much as I love Madison, I’m always down to travel and try something new.


When I’m not taking pictures, I enjoy spending time with my partner, Dakota, and our pup, Phoebe. You can find me cooking/making messes in the kitchen, watching movies + television (our current obsession is Survivor... and I play along in a fantasy league), playing board games + bingo, dancing at concerts (I'm a huge Swiftie), and endlessly planning trips… some of which I actually go on! 

Sara at the peak of Lone Mountain
Sara at the Eras Tour


We’re not models! Can you help?

Yes! I totally got you. During sessions and on wedding days, I am always giving guidance, prompts, and direction. I will start out with easy prompts and work our way up to harder poses. Taking photos can feel silly or awkward sometimes, but I will make it fun and painless. None of my clients are models!

Do we need one or two photographers?

In general, I would recommend two photographers, but it's not a given and depends on a lot of things. Ask yourself these questions:

- Are getting ready and detail photos important to me? If yes, it may be easier to have two. That way, one photographer can be with each group getting ready. Additionally, one can focus on details while the other focuses on candid photos.

- Are we getting ready in the same location (no driving between)? If no, it may be easier for scheduling purposes to have two.

- Are we going to see each other ahead of the ceremony? If no, then I highly recommend two photographers so we can get as much done as possible during cocktail hour: family photos, couple photos, the full wedding party, cocktail hour coverage, and reception details need to be done in a short period of time. If yes, we can do a lot of those ahead of the ceremony, but 2 photographers still may be helpful if we’re short on time.

- Do we have a lot of guests invited? If yes, I recommend two photographers to ensure more coverage of all guests during the ceremony and reception.

- Do we want as many photos as possible? If yes, a second photographer usually equates to 20% more photos in your gallery.

How far will you travel?

With wedding packages, I include up to two hours of travel from my home base: Madison, WI. With hourly weddings or sessions, I include up to one hour of travel from my home base. I will travel as far as you want though!

Do you have a back up plan?

Of course! I always have at least two cameras on me, that way if anything goes wrong with one, I can still take photos. Each of my cameras have two memory card slots, so there’s a built-in backup copy as I shoot. When I get home, I back up photos to my server that automatically creates another backup off-site of the photos. I have multiples of my flashes, light stands… all of my gear!

I have never, ever missed a wedding, but I've worked with a lot of photographers in the area (and editors), so if something were to happen to me, I would find you a replacement (with your approval) that I trust, either for just the day-of, or both day-of and editing if needed.

How long until we get our photos, how many do we get, and how do we download them?

I always send a sneak peek within three days of an event. For sessions, you can expect the full gallery in 3-4 weeks. For weddings, you can expect the gallery in 6-10 weeks. For hour long sessions, you can expect 75+ photos. For full day weddings, you can expect somewhere around 700-1000 photos. However, I don't set a limit, and I deliver everything I possibly can! You can download and share photos directly from the online gallery (I use pixieset.com). Images will be full resolution and unwatermarked.

Can we post our photos?

Yes, please post them! Nothing makes me happier than clients sharing images. If you tag or credit me, that is super appreciated because it helps future clients find me.

Can we order prints or albums?

If you want, you can order prints and design albums/cards directly from your online gallery. Otherwise, feel free to order from wherever you’d like.

How do we book you?

Send me a message, and let’s make sure I have availability. I am typically booking weddings anywhere from 6 months to 24 months out. I can take them on at a shorter notice sometimes too, so just ask. If you would like, we can hop on a video call and go through any questions. After that, to officially book, I need you to sign a contract and send over a retainer (25% of the total package price). Then you’re good to go!

Sara Baillies Photography is an inclusive photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin, and a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.