Matt + Kayla's Wedding Day

This wedding day was truly a fairytale. Every detail of their day was infused with Disney magic, and it created such a happy atmosphere. I’ve known Kayla forever, it seems like! She was friends with my sister growing up, and it was so special for me to get to capture this lovely chapter for her & Matt. I started out the morning with Kayla and her bridesmaids at the Kalahari Resort. The rain was looming in the forecast all morning, but it held off until the early afternoon – just long enough for us to sneak out and get a few photos (even though it began to sprinkle while we were doing so). Then, we headed over to see Matt and his groomsmen. They all shared some whiskey shots, and we headed outside quickly for portraits.

After Kayla’s first look with her dad and grandparents, it was finally time for the ceremony to begin. It was so delightful to see Matt light up (and tear up!) at the sight of Kayla making her way down the aisle. They read their hand-written vows to each other, and it was so hard to not cry! They completed their ceremony with blending wines & a toast.

After, we headed over to Trapper’s Turn, and we lucked out again because there was a break in the rain. I knew it wouldn’t last long, so we worked quickly to get the full wedding party photos and the couple portraits. Of course, it began to rain, so we had to make a run for cover - but it made for one of my favorite candid photos ever! We finished up under the balcony of the venue, which actually made for a really gorgeous backdrop.

We finished off the evening with the grand entrance, dinner, and dancing. But first, Kayla & Matt had to cut into their delicious cheesecake. Kayla & Matt shared a beautiful first dance. Kayla & her dad shared a fantastic choreographed dance, and Matt and his mother shared many laughs during their own dance.

Overall, it was such a perfect way to kick off the spring and wedding season! I’m so honored I was able to be a part of their day.