Paul + Courtney's Wedding Day

The day started bright and early at a hotel in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. After saying hi to the bride and the party, I headed up to the bride's room to get started on details. My second photographer, Rhonda, arrived shortly after, and she helped me for a bit, then headed to Paul and his groomsmen. Meanwhile, it was time for Courtney to get dressed. Her mom helped her, and her grandmother sat in as she got ready. We then headed downstairs to do a first look with Courtney's dad. It was such a touching moment! Next, it was time to reveal the final look to the bridesmaids + man of honor. They were so happy to see just how beautiful Courtney looked!

The groomsmen + the second photographer zoomed over to the church as we finished up at the hotel. Paul got ready for his first touch with Courtney. When we arrived, Courtney was able to reach around and grab Paul's hand, and it was so sweet. I could tell all the anxiety of the day just melted away! Then they exchanged letters and gifts.

It was time for the ceremony to begin after that. When Paul finally got to see Courtney's dress and veil, he had such a priceless look on his face! During the ceremony, Courtney's brother and man of honor, sang for everyone. Courtney and Paul exchanged their vows, rings, and gave a kiss. After a few portraits around the church, we headed to the capitol for wedding party photos.

I worked with the bride and her party, while my second photographer worked with the groom and his party. Following that, I took the couple around the capitol square and state street for their portraits. Meanwhile, Rhonda headed to Windsor to get a head start on some detail photos of the reception. Once everyone had arrived to Windsor, we started on family photos as cocktail hour began. The wedding party kicked off cocktail hour with the grand entrance, and then we heard some amazing speeches. There was laughter, tears, singing -- everything! Courtney and Paul cut the cake, and then we quickly headed outside to catch a few golden hour photos before the sunset. We did so just in time, and I am thrilled with how beautiful it was!

Finally, it was time to dance! Courtney and Paul shared a first dance, followed by a dance with Courtney's dad and Paul's mom. Then, they had a special dance for Paul's brother and his wife, because they never got to have a formal "first dance" at their own wedding because they got married in 2020, during the pandemic. It was a beautiful moment! And then, the party really got started, because Bucky himself arrived! It was such a blast following him around as he danced with all the guests.

It was such a perfect day. Shout out to my second photographer, Rhonda Rogers, for all her help. I am so glad Courtney and Paul found me, and that they shared this part of their love story with me!