Michael + Michelle's Wedding Day

This day was truly pure fun. Both of these two have such great senses of humor, and it came through all day! I started out the morning in the cabin, where Michelle and the bridesmaids were getting ready. After a bit, I headed up to the ceremony space to check it out, and see what Michael was up to. He and some of the wedding party members were setting up the space, and it was really coming along!

I returned to the cabin to meet up with the second photographer, Cara. We captured Michael getting dressed, and then it was Michelle's turn. Next we got them set up for the first look! It was so lovely to see their reactions to each other. We headed right into couple portraits, as the wedding party finished up getting ready. We used the shaded area near the cabin for the wedding party and family photos after that.

Next up was ceremony time! I captured a few details of the reception space as guests began to arrive. We all waited in anticipation for Michelle to walk down the aisle, only to realize, she was coming from behind the aisle down the trail from the cabin. It was so fun to see everyone react to the surprise! The couple shared their vows, exchanged rings, and sealed it with a kiss.

During cocktail hour, we finished up a few larger family group photos, and then everyone got a chance to relax and mingle. The reception was kicked off with the grand entrance and speeches. We quickly grabbed some golden-hour photos near the tent, which was a fun little break. Then it was finally time to dance! The couple shared their first dance, followed by Michelle's dance with her father, and Michael's dance with his mother. The dancefloor filled up quickly and stayed that way. It was so incredibly fun! We even got a few fireworks in the distance from a festival happening in town, which was a perfect end to a perfect day.

I am so grateful these two found me, and that they chose me to capture their day. Congrats to M+M! A special thanks to Cara Wood, who helped me capture this day.