Zach + Weston's Wedding Day

This was such a fun day! I met up with Zach + Weston at their hotel, after they finished setting up at the venue. They got dressed together, and their wedding party members trickled in and got ready as we went. Once everyone had arrived, we headed as a group to the Arboretum. The fall colors were absolutely amazing, and made for a wonderful backdrop to the couple portraits and wedding party group shots. Their wedding party was a blast, and Zach + Weston patiently waited as I tried out some film photographs!

After that, we headed to the venue, Lussier. We got started on family photos, and then we did a few more couple portraits to round it out. And then it was finally ceremony time! Zach and Weston had such a cute set up in front of the stunning oak at Lussier, complete with cozy blankets for their guests. As a fellow Swiftie, I appreciated the multiple T-Swift songs played during the ceremony, and the vow from Weston to always listen to whatever Zach has to say about our queen.

During cocktail hour, I had the reception room to myself, so I was able to get gorgeous shots of their set up. After that, I zipped around and grabbed candids of the guests mingling and the couple hiding away in the basement with their wedding party. I was getting really excited at this point because I knew about a surprise that the guests didn't -- soon there would be a drag performance by none other than Bianca Lynn Breeze!

After the grand entrance, Bianca Lynn Breeze introduced the couple for their first dance. We then got several performances by Bianca herself, which were all absolutely fantastic! I also have to rave for a moment about Chef Dave, who provided the catering, because not only is the food wonderful but he is just all-around great. My partner and I often go to Chef Dave's restaurant, Ollie's for "cocktail improv" on Fridays, which we really enjoy.

I am so grateful that Zach and Weston chose me to capture their day! It was a ton of fun, and I am so incredibly happy for the two of them.

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