Natalie + Cody's Wedding Day

Natalie and Cody's wedding day was a dream come true. When they first reached out to me, I was so excited because I have known the groom, Cody, forever. We went to school together, and I even did his senior photos waaaay, way back. Getting to know Natalie, and seeing them interact as a couple at their engagement session was so special. And finally, it was their wedding day on a gorgeous sunny day in November.

I started out the morning at The Cove, a hotel in Lake Geneva, where both groups were getting ready. I headed to Natalie's suite first, where hair and make up had already begun. I hung up her dress above the fireplace, and immediately got excited because of THAT TRAIN! It is absolutely stunning. I worked with the details, using Natalie's scarf as a backdrop for some, and the fireplace for others.

Cody was ready to get dressed first, so with the help of his groomsmen, he got suited up. Then the groomsmen and I headed over to The Riviera to do the group photos. The second photographer, Cara, stayed behind with the bridesmaids. When I returned to the hotel, it was time to get Natalie in her dress. Cara and I tag teamed, and she headed out to the bars where the groomsmen had headed. Meanwhile, I took the ladies to the Riviera to do their group photos. Cara and Cody headed to a park between the Cove and the Riviera to meet up with the bridesmaids when I was finished with them. At the same time, the groomsmen came over to Natalie and me so they could do a "first look". Although Natalie had another plan for them...they got iced! We had one more thing to do before the ceremony began, and that was a quick first look with Natalie's dad.

The afternoon sun was flowing into the venue in such a magical way for Natalie + Cody's ceremony. I caught Cody pacing a bit in anticipation for it all to begin. When Natalie made her way down the aisle, she teared up -- and I think the majority of us were tearing up along with her. The ceremony was officiated by a close friend, and partner of one of the groomsmen, Nikki. Natalie and Cody chose to do a sand mixing ceremony, where each of them mixed together their own unique color of sand, combining it into one jar making a beautiful keepsake. After their personal vows, they made it official with a kiss.

We all headed to the front of the venue for a giant group photo, and it was so much fun being able to get everyone together. Then we worked through family photos, and finished up the full wedding party group photos. Cara headed inside the venue to capture the detail photos of the reception space, while I stayed with the couple for portraits. Cara joined us part way through, and we headed to the beach for a few final shots. My goodness, we had perfect timing and perfect conditions for some really gorgeous shots. It was amazing!

After that, we all headed in to enjoy the rest of cocktail hour and mingle. I really enjoyed getting to go around to tables and see some familiar faces! The reception got underway with the grand entrance and a few speeches. Natalie's dad kicked it off, and I learned Natalie's family and my partner's family have an up north cabin lake in common. I also learned that Natalie and Cody share a birthday, which is so serendipitous. The night ended with a whoooole lot of dancing, and it was such a blast.

This wedding day was so special to me, and truly, truly, truly an honor. A special thanks to the second shooter, Cara Wood.