Matt + Marissa's Wedding Day

Marissa and Matt had such a special wedding day. It was full of personal touches, from Marissa’s mother doing all of the florals to her aunt baking the desserts to a close friend marrying them. Plus, all of the details were SO stunning!

I met up with Marissa at the hotel to get started on her details. I found a nice spot in the lobby to work with her dress, veil, shoes, and rings. Marissa had the longest veil I had ever seen! I was SO excited to see her walk down the aisle with it and to play with it during portraits! After I finished up, Marissa was getting her hair started. I headed over to Matt so he could open his gift and letter from Marissa. When I returned, Marissa got to open her gift and read her letter from Matt. They got each other perfect gifts, and each of their reactions were so cute!

It was time for Matt to get dressed, and then we stepped outside for some group formals. Next, we all headed over to the Atrium for Marissa to get dressed. But first, we had to photograph all the dresses in the super neat downstairs doorway. And I was OBSESSED with the bridesmaid dresses - velvet is my absolute favorite! Marissa’s maid of honor helped get her in the gown, and then we headed up to the atrium for formals. When we headed back down, Marissa got her train extension added to her gown - which is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I had never even thought of that as an alternative to bustling!

Then it was time for Marissa’s first look with her dad. It was such a sweet moment! She then did a reveal with the groomsmen, which was also very sweet! We stepped outside to the garden for a few golden hour portraits with Marissa, and oh my goodness she was stunning! Before the ceremony started, Marissa and Matt took a quick moment to say hi to each other from behind a door and hold hands without actually seeing each other.

Kim, the second photographer, and I headed downstairs to work on detail photos before guests arrived. Soon enough, it was time for the ceremony! When Matt saw Marissa, he was clearly so happy! The two exchanged their vows and rings. It was a lovely ceremony! After, we quickly headed outside for some wedding party photos, and then the bride and groom portraits before the sunset. We had some gorgeous light!

After family photos, we worked on reception details. It was hard to stop taking photos because everything was just SO pretty with all the candles, gold, and amazing florals! Then it was time for the grand entrance, diner, and the fabulous speeches. The couple cut their cake and served up an entire table of assorted homemade desserts. They shared their first dance with each other, and then Marissa and her dad and Matt and his mother shared dances too. After some time on the dancefloor, we went back up to the garden for some nighttime photos, which was super fun (even though it was sooooo cold). We quickly headed back in to warm up on the dancefloor and dance the night away! It was also so fun to catch up with a previous SBP couple - Tania and Alex. I am so glad I was able to be a part of Marissa and Matt’s beautiful wedding day!