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Kurt + Danielle's Backyard Wedding in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

I'm super excited to share the photos from Kurt & Danielle's wedding in July! After a few changes to the plan, they decided to get married at Kurt's parents' house, which is on acres and acres of beautiful land in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. I arrived early on the warm, sunny morning to start working on their details. What a beautiful lace gown Danielle picked out! The girls had already started getting their hair and make up done, laughing and having a great time.

Meanwhile, the guys were out at the hunting house hanging out. I headed over there next to help Kurt get ready for the first look. There was definitely time for a few shots of whiskey while I was over there!

While the ladies finished getting ready, I took photos of the ceremony and reception space. Everything looked gorgeous - light blue linens, lots of white roses, greenery, and a few rustic touches. Then it was time to get Danielle into her dress! With the help of her mom and two sisters, she was ready to show it off to the rest of her ladies! They were all speechless. Danielle looked stunning!

Finally, it was time for the first look. We headed over to the barn in separate cars. I got Kurt’s blindfold on, and then brought over Danielle. Tears filled everyone's eyes as the two took a moment to look each other over and hug. Then they read the letters they had written for each other, and neither of them could do anything but smile! It was so precious. After that, we went right into their bride & groom session. Then it was time to get married!

Very close friends and family began to arrive to the front yard ceremony space. As guests found their seats, I took a few more detail photos. Danielle, accompanied by her father, made her way down the aisle to Kurt. The officiant had some fun gifts for the two. One included the symbolic smashing of a calculator to make sure that they never keep a count on who owes who in their marriage. Then they exchanged vows and shared a kiss!

After the ceremony, we took the family photos and had some fun with the bridal party. Next, it was time for the absolutely delicious dinner. Everyone especially enjoyed the gorgeous view of rolling Wisconsin hills while they ate.

Kurt's dad and sister told me they had some surprises in store for the reception (which had me super excited!). The first surprise came right after dinner - a car parade of all their friends and family who weren't able attended the ceremony due to current circumstances. Tears were plenty! I can't even imagine the heartbreak and stress these two had to go through having to re-plan their wedding! Especially not having the huge celebration with all their friends and family that they were hoping for. So it was super touching for everyone to be able to stop by and show their love and support from a safe distance in their cars!

Then it was time for first dances which perfectly lined up with the sunset. It was so special and absolutely gorgeous, so after that we did a few more bride & groom portraits. I am so glad we did, because Im obsessed with how they turned out! After some reception games and dancing, it was time for the second surprise - fireworks! Kurt's family put on a wonderful show, and the bride & groom took the time to themselves to watch away from the guests. After that, it was time for more dancing and swimming!

Thank you so much to Kurt & Danielle, and both of their families, for letting me tell their story and for putting together such a wonderful day.

In addition, thanks to all of the lovely vendors:

DJ: Polished Entertainment

Catering: JL Richards Prime Meats and Catering

Cake: Craig's Cake Shop

Officiant: Allisa Weber, All You Need is Love

Make Up: Nola Kahn Beauty

Hair: Melissa Waulters

Tent Rentals: Mcfarlanes' Events

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