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Kaci's Bridal Shower in Madison, Wisconsin

I cannot believe my sister’s wedding is so near! Her wedding is in the end of April! It seriously is creeping up on us so quickly...and I am SO EXCITED. Since her birthday is in March, we decided to have her bridal shower on her birthday. As the maid-of-honor and part of my duties was to help to put on a great party! Along with the help of my mother and the other bridesmaids, the day was SUCH a success. Together, we planned the decor, food, drinks, and fun games for the attendees. Everything was pinterest-level cute and of course, I had to take pictures! Her theme for the wedding is very minimal and elegant, and the colors are blush, greenery, and silvers. So we followed that as a guide for the shower theme. Check out how cute it all turned out!

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