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Erika + Dan's Wedding at The Timber Rattlers Stadium in Appleton, Wisconsin

This wedding day was truly special, and it took place on such a beautiful, sunny day. And wow, it was so relaxed! Erika & Dan were such an easy couple to work with. I’ve known this bride since childhood, and it was such a pleasure for me to get to see her walk down the aisle with Dan. The day started bright and early for the girls at Aura Salon, in Appleton. I joined the ladies while they were getting their hair and makeup done, having some laughs, and enjoying mimosas.

Shortly after, we arrived to the church, and I worked on detail photos of their gorgeous rings and Erika’s beautiful dress. Next, I hung around the groomsmen who were hidden away in the loft of the church. Meanwhile, downstairs, the girls began to get dressed and the bride put on her stunning, beaded gown. The church was carefully decorated with flowers and lit up with bright purple lights that matched the color theme of the day.

And finally, the ceremony began! It was a quick ceremony, but very sweet and intimate. I was even tearing up when the bride and groom went to thank and hug their parents for all of their support! Following the ceremony, the bride and groom received so much love from the guests during the receiving line.

We headed to Lawrence University nearby to get bridal party and couple photos. It was a perfect retreat in the shade! Then the bridal party hopped onto the party bus to get party started!

The reception was at a cool, polished venue at the Timber Rattlers Stadium, The Fox Club. It was also all lit up in purple, which made for a super cool vibe! What a delicious meal, accompanied by some very touching speeches!

It was so lovely to be a part of these two’s special day!

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