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Holiday at the Baillies Household

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s the wonderful time of giving and cheer that lights up and brightens the winter season. Wisconsin Winters are long, and cold, and well, long.

Sometimes it feels like the holidays and family are the only way to make it through! So we get together, eat Wisconsin cheese and drink Wisconsin beers - because it’s what we know best.

This year, we gathered at my Uncle’s new house for a little lunch! I had just bought my brand new camera (Sony A7III, if you’re curious), so I took the opportunity to get some practice in. After months of grueling decision making, I finally decided to make the big switch to Sony and to a mirrorless camera. It was a tough decision because I had been a Canon person ever since my very first camera years and years ago. The verdict on my new Sony is that I am loving it so far!

Enjoy some photos from my family’s celebration!

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